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On the lost art of letter writing

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Dec 11, 1868

My Dear Dolly, — I'm going to send your Papa a little present this Christmas, which I daresay you may like to look at: it consists of some thin slices of dried vegetables that somebody has found a way of preparing so that it doesn't come to pieces easily: they are marked in a sort of pattern with some chemical stuff or other, and fastened between sheets of pasteboard to preserve them. I believe the sort of thing isn't a new invention, but the markings of these are quite new: I inserted them myself.

                      . . . No more at present from
                                          Your loving friend
                                                     C. L. Dodgson

The "present" was a copy of Phantasmagoria, the "thin slices" being the paper leaves, and the "markings"; the print.


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Stuart Dodgson Collingwood

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