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On the lost art of letter writing

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Feb. 10, 1882

My Dear Birdie,

As are the feelings of the old lady who, after feeding her canary and going out for a walk, finds the cage entirely filled on her return, with a live turkey— or of the old gentleman who, after chaining up a small terrier overnight, finds a hippopotamus raging round the kennel in the morning —such are my feelings when, trying to recall the memory of a small child who went to wade in the sea at Sandown, I meet with the astonishing photograph of the same microcosm suddenly expanded into a tall young person, whom I should be too shy to look at, even with the telescope which would no doubt be necessary to get any distinct idea of her smile, or at any rate to satisfy oneself whether she had eyebrows or not!


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Stuart Dodgson Collingwood

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