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On the lost art of letter writing

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Lewis Carroll once sent the following Double Acrostic to Edith Argles as a joke about her sister Dolly: 

I saw a child: even if blind, 
I could have seen she was not kind.              Cruel

“ My child,” said I, “don’t make that noise! 
Here, choose among this heap of toys.”             Dolly

She said “I’ve tumbled in the river: 
And that’s what makes me shake and shiver.”      C  ol  D

“And what’s your name, my child?” said I.
"It’s  Juliet, sir,” she made reply.               R ome  O

“You know,” said she, “I hates my pa—
Never says nothing to my ma” —                U nfilia L

“My child,” I cried, “you make me sad. 
How can you be so very bad?”                   E  vi L

At which she laughed in such a way, 
I lost my hearing from that day.                L oudl Y


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